Valid8 Secures Series A Funding to Fuel Growth of Verified Financial Intelligence

Valid8 has raised $8.5 million in Series A funding to propel forensic accounting into the digital era. Learn more about our plans for what comes next.

Our team is pleased to announce that we’ve raised $8.5 million in Series A funding to propel forensic accounting into the digital era. This new funding allows us to invest in research and development and go-to-market strategy to build a more robust product that solves the challenges of investigating and analyzing complex financial matters and white-collar crime.

For far too long, accounting, law firms, and government investigators have relied on archaic processes to trace the flow of funds and prepare evidence. Valid8’s AI-powered platform empowers professionals to analyze every financial transaction in just hours, eliminating sample risk, creating verified, courtroom-ready evidence, and saving significant time and money.

Professionals employing traditional methods often need weeks or sometimes months to complete data preparation and analysis. They spend 90% of that time on painstaking reviews and data cleanup. Short timelines mean teams using this prolonged process can only cover a fraction of a company’s financial transactions.

Modern technology eliminates this labor-intensive, high-risk process. Valid8’s software uses AI and automation to remove sample risk from the process by rapidly parsing, reconciling, and categorizing financial data from numerous sources, including bank and brokerage statements, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, and even hand-written checks. 

The technology does not make any judgments about fraudulent activity. Instead, it provides visualizations demonstrating the flow of funds and highlights transactions requiring further evaluation by a professional investigator. It’s eye-opening for professionals to have the complete picture from the start so they’re not forced to base their expert opinion on only a sampling of financial data.

Silverton Partners led our Series A funding round, with participation from Touchdown Ventures, First Trust Capital Partners, and Capital Midwest. Roger Chen, partner with Silverton Partners, will join our board to support Valid8’s continued growth and development. 

This exciting announcement follows two recent product expansions. Our industry-leading Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform now includes AI categorization and automated multicurrency support, allowing customers to reclaim hundreds of hours lost to manual processes.

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