Valid8 Launches Automated Currency Conversions

We’re thrilled to announce another industry first – Valid8's new automated multicurrency feature makes converting currencies to a base currency fast and easy.

We’re thrilled to announce another industry first – our new automated Multicurrency feature – it makes converting currencies to a base currency fast and easy.

Valid8's Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform is used by thousands of forensic accountants, attorneys, paralegals, and government investigators to trace the flow of funds for some of the most complex fraud, bankruptcy, and cryptocurrency cases in the world. These cases and investigations often involve thousands of transactions between accounts and entities in several different countries, each with their own currency.

Valid8 customers can now more easily compare accounts and international transfers in different currencies with the new Multicurrency feature.

How Automated Multicurrency Support Works

For any account with a different currency, the Valid8 platform automatically accesses a daily exchange rate from the European Central Bank and converts each transaction into a base currency. 166 currencies are supported, including Bitcoin.

For Valid8 customers, it only takes a single click instead of the time-consuming and error-prone process of juggling multiple currency exchange calculations across thousands of rows of data in Excel.

The Benefits of Automated Currency Conversions

Valid8’s automated Multicurrency feature:

  • Automatically convert 166 currencies, including Bitcoin, to a base currency
  • Accelerates data preparation to allow you to get to analysis faster
  • Reduces risk of errors from manual currency conversions
  • Provides a more complete picture by decreasing likelihood of missed transfers

With the automation of currency conversion, more time can be dedicated to in-depth analysis and strategic planning, rather than tedious data preparation and cleanup work.

Multicurrency is our latest innovation available at no additional cost to subscribers as part of our ongoing commitment to leverage automation and the latest in AI technology in service of accounting, legal, and government professionals.

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