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Traditional methods of following the money can require weeks of low-level activities before you get to analysis. Even when using OCR software to extract transaction data from bank statements, the manual data cleanup often burdens multiple staff with tedious, low level work, making it difficult to recruit and retain talent. Valid8 generates Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) and improves the quality and speed of your firm’s practice areas, including:

Forensic Accounting
Follow the money, wherever it goes
Transaction Advisory
Uncover fraudulent transfers
Tax Disputes
Prove all income sources
Get rid of sample risk
Valid8 Financial accounting software - process map
Erik Asgeirsson
President and CEO of
“We’re always looking to support new, innovative solutions that will push the profession forward. Valid8 offers great potential for CPA firms looking to modernize and improve engagement quality for audits, forensics, advisory or tax practices.”

Accounting Audits, Diligence, and Investigations Face Common Challenges

Preparing Financial Evidence

Using manual procedures like bank and invoice confirmations or traditional OCR software to extract bank statements can take weeks or months before you get to the analysis. Instead of focusing on developing professional opinions and strategy, you’re spending most of your time preparing financial evidence.

Sample Risk and Verification

Limiting verification procedures to only a sample of accounting transactions injects risk and latency into the engagement. Not only does it take longer to establish confidence for relying on client data, you may also miss critical issues and expose your firm to unnecessary risk.

Difficulty Recruiting

Recent graduates are digital natives, typically well versed in machine learning and maximizing efficiencies through technology. Asking them to spend the bulk of their time managing legacy procedures like confirmations and manual tracing can feel like a waste of their advanced degrees.

Use Valid8’s VFI Platform to Elevate Accounting

Compress Time to Opinion

Upload client accounting transactions, bank statements, check images, and deposit slips to Valid8 and achieve full population verification within hours. Quickly identifying the specific transactions that have not been verified, enables teams to spend more time on high-value analysis activities.

Deliver Higher Audit Quality

Eliminate sample risk and verify 100% of client accounting transactions. Verified Financial Intelligence identifies any accounting transaction that’s not verified by evidence so you can focus audit procedures to reduce overall risk and improve audit quality.

Elevate Engagement

Valid8’s platform has been proven to improve the quality and speed of audits, disputes, and investigations. Elevating teams out of low level activities and into analysis sooner serves as a key differentiator in recruitment and retention.

Resources to Help Accountants

Valid8 forensic accounting software overview
Valid8 forensic accounting software overview
Speed, cost efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to derive immediate actionable insights from data is what every client seeks from their CPAs. Valid8 can help.
Technology Lab Podcast Team Evaluates Valid8’s Verified Financial Intelligence Platform
Technology Lab Podcast Team Evaluates Valid8’s Verified Financial Intelligence Platform
CPA Advisor’s “Technology Lab" podcast calls Valid8's Verified Financial Intelligence “one of the best follow-the-money tools out there."
How Much Does A Fraud Investigation Cost?
How Much Does A Fraud Investigation Cost?
During a recent analysis, FTM Advisors found that 75% of their incurred time was spent up front, preparing data to be both accurate and standardized.
Bruce Flournoy
“We loaded Valid8 with the documents and it was incredible. Within minutes we understood what was happening and identified new accounts to subpoena.”

Prepare evidence in hours, not weeks.