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Valid8 Financial has become the global leader in Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) and is used on the highest profile, most complex bankruptcy, fraud, and cryptocurrency cases in the world, but it all started with a frustrated team of accountants trying to untangle a Ponzi scheme case in 2017.

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Faced with needing to connect the dots between tens of thousands of transactions, they were shocked to see that even at the federal level there were no sophisticated tools, just big teams and tons of hours. Worse, there was no guarantee that the data was accurate or that it covered 100% of the banking activity.

Valid8 Financial created the solution the accounting industry needed: a platform built with the latest in automation and AI technology that automatically extracts accounting evidence from all banking documents and exposes the financial facts of a matter with complete certainty.

Core Values We Bring to
Our Work & Culture

We began by asking what if, and innovating from there. A culture of curiosity keeps us aligned with industry trends and technologies.
We listen closely to the CPAs, attorneys, fiduciaries, and investigators who use Valid8 so we can continually add the features that matter most.
We’re committed to replacing the complexity, risk, and opacity in finances with clear evidence of what happened with the money.

Meet Our Team

Chris McCall

CEO and Founder

Tod McDonald

CPA and Founder

Brett Suchor

EVP, Strategic Partnerships

Christina Mautz

EVP, Marketing

Garth Leonard

VP, Strategic Accounts

Craig Ballinger

VP, Product

Dave Gallant

VP, Engineering

Jordan Montgomery

Principal Engineer

Careers at Valid8

Are you intellectually curious, collaborative, and committed? Are you excited about doing work that is having a measurable impact? Interested in working on tech that is bringing accounting to the modern age and helping solve the most complex fraud cases in the world?
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