professional grade financial verification

Financial investigations and audits need to be fast, accurate, and comprehensive. Valid8 extracts and reconciles banking transactions from multiple sources creating a database of financial evidence for professionals. Transfers and matches are identified to automate data prep, substantive testing procedures, and tracing the flow of funds. Interactive data visualization simplifies asset discovery and finding fraudulent transfers.

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the first fully integrated forensic accounting solution

Valid8 is announcing automated check and deposit slip extraction. Already in use by hundreds of fiduciaries and professionals focused on Asset Recovery, Fraud Investigations, Creditor Rights Litigation, and Family Law cases, Valid8 simplifies data preparation, tracing funds, and finding undisclosed accounts.


built for professionals

Designed by CPAs, Valid8 helps Forensic Accountants, Fiduciaries, Attorneys, Investigators, and Auditors eliminate data prep work associated with finding and analyzing evidence of financial records.


Accelerate your next case and deliver a more comprehensive analysis in less time.

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Use financial evidence to reduce the time to assess the situation for new clients and cases.

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Digitize banking transactions to simplify lifestyle analysis and find undisclosed accounts.

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Eliminate data prep tasks and start analysis faster. Monitor and report on data set status.

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Increase your staff's productivity and avoid the cost and complexity of deploying software.

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Automate substantive testing procedures for revenue and subsequent collection for A/R.

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"Whoever gets the answers first, wins. Case velocity is everything. No solution comes close to Valid8 in terms of how fast professionals get to the strategy and analysis phase.
Mark Calvert, CPA, CIRA

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