Prepare Evidence in Hours, not Weeks

Now you only need a few hours to transform years of statements, checks, deposit slips and accounting system transactions into courtroom-ready evidence.

Valid8 is the only cloud-based Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform designed by forensic accountants who leverage advanced AI. Purpose-built to help teams trace the flow of funds quickly and accurately, Valid8 gets you to analysis in less time and with more confidence.
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Verified Financial Intelligence is Courtroom-Ready Evidence

100% of your extracted data becomes verified financial intelligence (VFI). Quickly uncover the full truth.
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OCR or Manual Data Entry

Follow the Money Faster

Trace the flow of funds in a single afternoon

Valid8 Financial accounting software - trace the flow of funds and transactions

OCR or Manual Data Entry

Even when you’re using OCR, manual clean up and analysis can take weeks to months

Base Your Professional Opinion on Indisputable Facts

Get independent verification of all extracted financial data


OCR or Manual Data Entry

Manual clean up processes introduce an element of risk due to human error

Increase Output Without Increasing Headcount

Review and analyze 60% more, using the same staff


OCR or Manual Data Entry

Larger projects often trigger the need for additional resources


Compress Time to Opinion.

Upload bank statements, check and deposit slip images, accounting system extracts, and transaction lists to Valid8 and get fully verified financial evidence within hours. See why Valid8’s Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform is exponentially faster than OCR solutions that require manual clean up.

No static templates

Valid8’s VFI platform leverages AI and machine learning to automatically extract transactions from any statement or system. No more frustrations and delays: upload pdfs and get clean, reconciled data in hours.

Read handwritten checks

More powerful than any OCR software on the market, Valid8 reads handwritten check images. If the human eye can read it, so can Valid8’s platform. No more dealing with returned checks and wasted time.

Match check images to bank statement transactions

Payee, Payor, Amount, Date, Check Number, Memo, and MICR are all read from the check image and matched to the associated bank statement transaction. Normally, this could take up to 80% of your team’s engagement time.

Match deposit slips with line items to bank statement transactions.

Deposit slips are automatically associated with bank statement transactions as well as all line item details, because the checks that were deposited with the slip contain the critical information required to follow the money.

Automatically categorize transactions

Using the latest advances in AI, the usage of funds is automatically categorized by description, amount, date, counterparty, location, and category+subcategory. This makes it easier to group and summarize financial activity. No more formatting, cross checking, or accidental oversights.

Normalize multiple currencies

Transactions and transfers involving multiple currencies are automatically normalized to a base currency based on daily exchange rates.

Track the spend

Multiple visualization options enable evidence-based views connecting the source and usage of funds.  No more tedious data entry in Excel followed by manually charting the flow.

Find suspicious transfers

Identify the size and frequency of transfers between all accounts and entities. Finding unmatched transfers can surface possible missing accounts.


Deliver Higher Accuracy.

Valid8’s VFI platform enables you to prepare evidence based on 100% of the financial data. Base your professional opinion on undisputed fact. No more gaps, no more sampling, just clean data extracted from the entire financial history.

Built-in quality control

Valid8’s platform highlights issues with data quality, ensuring numerical precision and alerting you to issues that require attention. All numbers are 100% accurate before you begin analysis.

Identify missing data

See instantly if your data set is complete. Visual overview illustrates any gaps, including time periods for which evidence has not been uploaded.

Flag incorrect data

Valid8 automatically alerts you to incorrect statement or transaction data so you won’t begin your analysis until the data is 100% accurate.

Highlight duplicate data

Instantly see whether any statement or transaction data has been repeated and exclude it from your analysis.


Increase Output Without Increasing Headcount.

Tracing the complex flow of funds is time consuming and expensive. Even when using the latest OCR software, this key step takes a ton of your team’s time and can cost you in missed opportunities. Valid8’s VFI platform leverages powerful algorithms and AI to increase output and automatically turn large data sets into a visual narrative, making it easier to explain supporting evidence to prosecutors or other key stakeholders.

Create a visual narrative

Valid8’s platform turns large data sets into a visual narrative, helping present evidence that is simple to explain to stakeholders.

Track the spend

Multiple visualization options enable evidence-based views connecting the source and usage of funds.

Create specific views

Customizable interactive ‘drag and drop’ functionality, combined with smart filtering, allow specific views to be created, in order to best fit the needs of each individual case or investigation.

Integrate statement evidence

Every single transaction includes a hyperlink to the statement evidence for easy review.

Attorneys, Forensic Accountants, Auditors, and Investigators Make their Case with Valid8

Recruit & Retain with Ease

Your employees didn’t spend years on advanced education to spend all their time using OCR software to parse data from bank statements, downloading it into Excel and then manually cross checking. Valid8 automates months of mind-numbing tasks into a single afternoon and verifies 100% of your extracted accounting data so you can move into analysis with confidence.

Whether your firm focuses on advisory, tax, or forensics, now you can get people into higher value tasks sooner.

“Nobody wants to be confined to sitting and typing on a 10-key for hours on end, days on end, weeks on end — you're going to burn out. Valid8 changes everything. It's utilizing technology in a way that so many people in my generation consider an everyday piece of our lives. It's a way for us to actually get to do the exciting stuff, the work, and feel like all that time we spent in the library was worth it. I never want to use anything but Valid8.”

Jess Gilmore
works on forensic accounting matters, litigation, and dispute and damages analysis
Trial without Error

With Valid8 you can develop your strategy sooner, confident that you’ve extracted irrefutable evidence. Verified Financial Intelligence arms you with the truth. Powerful and accurate, Valid8’s VFI software keeps you one step ahead of opposing counsel.

Departments that Use Valid8 Improve Productivity

Instead of needing months to review and analyze, you’ll get evidence prepared in hours. Once you experience Valid8’s powerful Verified Financial Intelligence software, you won’t tolerate the inefficiencies of the old, manual ways.

“Any attorney general office that uses Valid8 for a Medicaid fraud investigation would never go back. It would be like going back to manual typewriters from desktop computers. It's impossible to conceive.”

Rob McKenna
Former Washington State Attorney General

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