Streamline Lifestyle Analysis

Attorneys who handle high net worth divorce cases always need to provide some sort of lifestyle analysis.  Multiple businesses, dozens of accounts, and intense travel create extreme complexity. Typically, lawyers hire experts who spend 80-90% of their hours extracting and verifying the quality of the data. It can take weeks — or even months — before the analysis can begin.

Valid8 accelerates the process of categorizing transactions and tracing assets so you use your expertise on case strategy.

Valid8 Financial accounting software - Review and analyze statements

Lawyers Practicing Family Law Face Common Challenges

Hiring Forensic Experts

High net worth individuals have complex financial situations, and getting basic financial evidence is a challenge. Often it’s easier to hire a forensic expert to do the work, but that can take a long time and is expensive.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

Traditional methods on their own are challenged to uncover hidden assets, identify marital waste, or untangle commingled assets. Gaps, errors, and complex transfers can render financial data unintelligible.

Opportunity Cost

When most of your time is consumed by low-level activities, you’re limited to how many high-end, complex cases you can take on.

Use Valid8’s VFI Platform for a Competitive Advantage

Faster Time to Analysis

Upload bank statements to Valid8’s Verified Financial Intelligence platform and get fully verified and reconciled statement data within hours.

Unmatched Transparency

Determine a standard of living that is backed by evidence. Simply upload statements to Valid8 and get a complete picture of sources of income and spending habits.

Enabling Time for Complex Cases

Valid8’s VFI platform helps you quickly and accurately perform lifestyle analysis, find undisclosed assets and uncover marital waste without needing to take your resources away from other complex cases.

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Resources for Legal Professionals

Confidently restructure businesses going through Chapter 11
Confidently restructure businesses going through Chapter 11
Valid8 helped Eric Orse and his team restructure a business by quickly analyzing all bank statements from the past 10 years, including multiple bank accounts.
Quickly prepare financial data for court
Quickly prepare financial data for court
Valid8 helps Todd Tracy and his team create court-readable, understandable, traceable, trackable information with just a few clicks.
Disputes and Investigations: Best Practices Guide
Disputes and Investigations: Best Practices Guide
Speed and accuracy are the most valuable assets that an accounting professional can bring to any financial dispute or investigation.
“The critical value that Valid8 delivers is that the rest of my staff doesn’t have to spend nights and weekends doing manual transcription and cleaning up data. They can stay focused on higher value activities.”

Uncover the truth faster than opposing counsel.