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Whether you're at a Federal, State, or Local agency dealing with financial investigations, lack of resources is a pervasive problem. There’s always too much work and not enough time for your team. To avoid any compromise in quality and depth, and take on a greater volume of cases with the same headcount, turn to Valid8 for Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) at scale.

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Statements reconciliation with Valid8

Extract bank statement transactions

‘Fire and forget’ evidence to the Valid8 platform where machine learning algorithms will extract transactions and automatically identify any anomalies in the data that require attention. Elevate your team members out of low-level transaction preparation and into analysis activities for faster case resolution.

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By employing machine learning algorithms (rather than static templates) Valid8 will successfully extract transactions from any statement
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Automated quality control highlights anomalies, ensuring numerical precision
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Completeness of your data set is always visible, providing clarity of any periods for which evidence has not been supplied

Extract check and deposit item details

Enhance transaction details from the bank transactions with details taken directly from the check image itself. Deposit slips will be read and the associated checks deposited will be displayed beneath the deposit slip information.

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Payee, Payor, Amount, Date and MICR are all read from the check image to enable matching to the bank statement transaction
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An image of the original check is displayed adjacent to the transaction
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Deposit slips are associated with both the bank statement transaction and also the checks that were deposited with the slip
Check images with Valid8
Transaction matches with Valid8

Identify transfers between accounts and entities

Swiftly gain transparency on how money has moved from account to account and between entities. Valid8’s algorithms will search tens of thousands of transactions within a few minutes and return both exact-match transfers and also near-match transfers.

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Rapid identification of size and frequency of transfers between all accounts and entities
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Single click to review the statement evidence the transfers were obtained from
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Transfers which are not matched can help identify potentially undisclosed accounts

Visualize the flow of funds

When tabular records of transactions are ready for analysis and presentation, Valid8’s powerful new visualization tools will supplement conclusions with visual evidence. Large data sets can be focused down to a clear picture, supporting the narrative being delivered to external stakeholders.

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Multiple visualization categories permit views on the source and usage of funds, that are all backed by evidence
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Transfers are able to be viewed between both accounts and entities
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Interactive ‘drag and drop’ functionality, combined with smart filtering, allow specific views to be created, in order to best fit each individual case
Transactions and visualizations with Valid8
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Federal and State agencies use Valid8 to improve case throughput with existing staff/resources and deliver superior investigation results for their citizens. With in-depth bank statement analysis in 24 hours or less, investigators accelerate the time it takes to process a case.