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Jess Gilmore, who works in forensic accounting matters, litigation, and dispute and damages analysis, uses Valid8 to fast-track her projects.
Jess Gilmore

My name is Jess Gilmore. I work in forensic accounting matters, litigation, and dispute and damages analysis.

You go through five years of education, you pass your four CPA exams, your ethics exams, you come out excited to go do some kind of work, something exciting, especially in the forensics field. And then I spent weeks categorizing 132,000 lines worth of banking data and just making sure that it tied to a PDF document. I mean, that's not the kind of accounting that I signed up for.

Valid8 changes everything. It's bringing the accounting profession to a modern time, to utilizing technology in a way that so many people in my generation consider an everyday piece of our lives. It's a way for us to actually get to do the exciting stuff, the work, and feel like all that time we spent in the library was worth it. Normally, the front end of a project, 80, 90% of the actual work we're doing is just taking raw data and evidence and making it into a usable format. And I understand that it's still a pivotal part, right? Getting this information, having all of that banking transaction data is necessary. There's no way around it — except by utilizing Valid8, you can take something that takes months and do it in days.

I'd like to think as someone who was mentored, you always want to find the next up-and-coming mind. If you are now taking someone out of college and thrusting them right into a project, we're going to consistently find ways to be better and better and better because we're not confined to sitting and typing on a nine-key or 10-key for hours on end, days on end, weeks on end, you're going to burn out — anybody is, nobody wants to do that all the time. You're not learning anything.

And I can attest from my own experience that the more things change and the more I am challenged, the more I'm ready to step in, the more I'm ready to keep going. And Valid8 allows that — you're not spending the time doing something that to you doesn't feel like it really matters.

There's always going to be exciting parts of a job and parts that are a little less exciting. Utilizing Valid8 allows me to focus on high value add to my client — and maybe a little bit less of the mundane steps to get there. I never want to use anything but Valid8.

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