Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI)

Valid8’s VFI platform extracts transaction data from client accounting systems, bank statements, brokerage statements, check images, wire details, and transaction lists. Patented algorithms compare evidence with accounting records and trace the flow of funds between accounts and legal entities, resulting in Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI).

Full population verification procedures and data automation eliminate sample risk and manual tracing so CPAs and Attorneys can focus on higher-value tasks to deliver superior professional opinions.

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One system for any type of engagement

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Extract accounting evidence from statements and images
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Extract transactions from over 30 types of client accounting systems

Automate data integration and verification

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Enrich and verify transactions with patented matching algorithms
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Automate transaction verification and tracing procedures
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Eliminate sample risk
Statements reconciliation with Valid8
Transactions and visualizations with Valid8

Focus on higher value-add services

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Identify hidden assets and fraudulent transfers
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Simplified story telling with interactive visualizations
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1-click export to Microsoft Excel or indexed PDF reports

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From Big 4 to local and regional CPA firms, Valid8 is transforming audit procedures by removing the low level, manual work associated with verifying transactions. With patent-pending matching and tracing algorithms, auditors can improve audit quality with 20 times greater coverage while reducing engagement costs/time by up to 40%.