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Financial investigations need to be fast, accurate, and comprehensive. Valid8 extracts and reconciles banking transactions from multiple sources creating a database of financial evidence for professionals. Transfers and matches are identified to automate data preparation, substantive testing procedures, and tracing the flow of funds. Interactive data visualization simplifies asset discovery and finding fraudulent transfers.

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Statements reconciliation with Valid8

Extract bank statement transactions

Escape low-level transaction transcription from evidence and dramatically accelerate timelines to conclusions with Valid8’s automated transaction extraction. Simply upload bank or credit card statements and return to resolve any anomalies Valid8’s automated quality control may identify.

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Machine learning algorithms mean the support of any bank, any format; no templates or set up required
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Visualizations and workflow clearly identify missing, duplicate, and incorrect data
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Automated quality control assures all numbers are accurate prior to commencing analysis

Extract check and deposit item details

Enhance transaction details from the bank transactions with details taken directly from the check image itself. Deposit slips will be read and the associated checks deposited will be displayed beneath the deposit slip information.

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Payee, Payor, Amount, Date and MICR are all read from the check image to enable matching to the bank statement transaction
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An image of the original check is displayed adjacent to the transaction
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Deposit slips are associated with both the bank statement transaction and also the checks that were deposited with the slip
Check images with Valid8
Transaction matches with Valid8

Identify transfers between accounts and entities

Automated transfer matching of money movements will identify transfers between accounts and entities, clarifying financial behavior and supporting a more equitable opinion.

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Commingling of personal finances with business accounts
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Changes in regular contributions over time
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Unmatched transfers can represent undisclosed accounts for investigation

Visualize the flow of funds

When tabular records of transactions are ready for analysis and presentation, Valid8’s powerful new visualization tools will supplement conclusions with visual evidence. Large data sets can be focused down to a clear picture, supporting the narrative being delivered to external stakeholders.

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Multiple visualization categories permit views on the source and usage of funds, that are all backed by evidence
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Transfers are able to be viewed between both accounts and entities
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Interactive ‘drag and drop’ functionality, combined with smart filtering, allow specific views to be created, in order to best fit each individual case
Transactions and visualizations with Valid8
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Forensic accounting firms around the world use Valid8 to accelerate engagements and deliver superior investigation results for their clients. Forensic professionals quickly determine whether or not a broader investigation is warranted and spend more time on case strategy with in-depth bank statement analysis in 24 hours or less.