Valid8 Awarded Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award

Valid8 wins Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award 2022 from CPA Practice Advisor for its Audit and Investigations Software.
Garth Leonard

Game-Changing "Follow the Money" Approach Assists CPAs and Attorneys to Identify Fraud, Verify Financial Statements, and Monitor Accounting Operations.

DENVER and SEATTLE (August 4, 2022) — Valid8Financial announced today it has won the Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award by CPA Practice Advisor, a technology and practice management resource magazine for accounting and tax professionals.

According to CPA Practice Advisor, the Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Award recognizes "outside-the-box" thinking in product development, breakthrough technologies, state-of-the-art design and implementation, and cutting-edge concepts that help accounting firms and their small business clients operate more efficiently and profitably through improved workflow, increased accessibility, or enhanced collaboration.

"At Valid8 Financial, we work every day to assist CPAs and attorneys focus on higher value tasks that allow them to deliver superior services in less time," said Chris McCall, co-founder and CEO of Valid8 Financial. "The CPA Practice Advisor award is a valued recognition of our commitment to innovation and our efforts to apply verified financial intelligence technology that eliminates sample risk, manual verification and tracing tasks." 

Follow the Money

Thousands of CPAs and attorneys use Valid8 Financial to identify fraud, verify financial statements, and monitor accounting operations. Unlike A.I. and anomaly detection that only use client-provided accounting data, Valid8 uses bank statements, brokerage statements, check images, wire details, and transaction lists. With patented matching algorithms, Valid8 compares the evidence with accounting records and traces the flow of funds between accounts and legal entities resulting in verified financial intelligence (VFI). VFI automation and full population verification procedures eliminate sample risk, manual verification, and tracing tasks. CPAs and attorneys focus on higher value tasks to deliver superior services in less time.

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