Fraud Investigations - Before and After

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This two-part webinar session addresses how to identify fraud before it happens and what happens after professionals are called in to investigate. By understanding both sides of fraud cases, best practices of prevention, and investigators’ procedures, accounting professionals will be better equipped to identify, prevent, and investigate fraud.

Section 1: Before the Fraud Occurs - Prevention Practices

This 20-minute section, led by Leonard Vona, explains a defined methodology with a step-by-step approach to fraud risk identification for asset misappropriation schemes. The discussion shows how to incorporate the methods into the planning stage of the audit. Attendees learn how to define their audit scope using the fraud risk structure methodology, including:

  • Using the inherent fraud scheme approach
  • A step-by-step approach to fraud risk identification

Section 2: After the Fraud Occurs - The Investigation

This 30-minute section, led by Chris McCall, reviews investigation procedures and software tools utilized by investigators to prove fraud has occurred. The discussion shows how to simplify and accelerate the work required to:

  • Create a database of transactional evidence
  • Trace the flow of funds through various accounts
  • Identify undisclosed accounts and assets

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