valid8's crime fighting origin

In use by Federal and State agencies for financial investigations.


A $150 Million ponzi scheme

What started out as a liquidity issue for a mortgage security fund managed by Darren Berg turned into a $150 million Ponzi Scheme, ultimately the Pacific Northwestern United States largest ever.

where did the money go?

Valid8’s founder Tod McDonald worked on the forensic accounting team appointed by the court to take control of Berg’s assets and attempt to figure out what happened. It was this complex criminal case, with hidden accounts, and tens of thousands of transactions, that convinced Tod that new tools were needed to tackle these crimes.

Fast, comprehensive investigations

Today Valid8 offers investigators of financial crimes and forensic accountants a powerful platform to rapidly turn financial records into intelligence, shining light on where the money went, providing Federal and State investigators with lightning fast guidance on what additional records must be obtained in order to connect every dot and prevent fraud on behalf of United State citizens.

Valid8 - a proven technology partner for federal and state financial investigations

Federal and State agencies use Valid8 to improve case throughput with existing staff/resources and deliver superior investigation results for their citizens. With in-depth bank statement analysis in 24 hours or less, investigators accelerate the time it takes to process a case.


identify fraudulent transfers

Filter and examine transfers to identify fraudulent transfers and preference payments.

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find undisclosed accounts

Quickly identify any wires or transfers to undisclosed accounts to find hidden or undisclosed assets.

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Track statement and data status

Monitor progress of your data set in real time. 1-click export of data visualizations and tables.

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automate quality control

Use automated reconciliation to visualize missing, duplicate, and incorrect data for 100% accuracy.

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visualize the flow of funds

Visualize the flow of funds from a list of sources into accounts or legal entities and out to a list of uses.

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Group and categorize

Set up custom categories for each case and group transactions to clarify analysis.

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sync with microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel to clean up data then load all changes back into Valid8 to maintain version control.

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1-click export to Excel

1-click export of the entire transaction database to Microsoft Excel at any time.

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extract bank statement transactions

Transform native or non-native PDF statements from any institution in any format into a database of evidence.

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SOC2 Certified

Valid8 application and data is hosted at Amazon Web Services and is SOC2 certified.

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