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Transform complex financial records into courtroom-ready evidence in mere hours with Valid8. Our cloud-based platform redefines the pace of financial analysis, ensuring every piece of data—from years of statements to transaction lists—is meticulously parsed, reconciled, and categorized.

Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive:
  • Compress Time to Opinion: Upload financial documents to Valid8 for rapid transformation into verified evidence, streamlining your analysis process.
  • Deliver Higher Accuracy: With Valid8, ensure your evidence is derived from comprehensive financial data, grounding your conclusions in indisputable facts.
  • Maximize Output, Minimize Headcount: Utilize Valid8's advanced technology to efficiently trace funds and distill complex data into accessible visual narratives, enhancing stakeholder communication.

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Please note that Valid8 is designed to be used by professionals at accounting firms, law firms, and government agencies. We do not have a solution for individual use at this time.

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“We loaded Valid8 with the documents and it was incredible. Within minutes we understood what was happening and identified new accounts to subpoena.”

Bruce Flournoy

“The critical value that Valid8 delivers is that the rest of my staff doesn’t have to spend nights and weekends doing manual transcription and cleaning up data. They can stay focused on higher value activities.”

“I think that any attorney general office that uses Valid8 for a Medicaid fraud investigation, for example, would never go back because they would never tolerate the loss of efficiency and the loss of productivity, not to mention the loss of potentially more accurate results and faster results. It would be like going back to manual typewriters from desktop computers. It's impossible to conceive.”

Rob McKenna
Former Washington State Attorney General

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