Valid8 Financial accounting software - multicurrency

This image above illustrates an instantaneous conversion from British pounds sterling (GBP) to US dollars (USD).

Convert Transactions to a Base Currency in Seconds, Not Days

With a single click, Valid8’s automated MultiCurrency feature will:

  • Automatically convert 166 currencies, including Bitcoin, to a base currency
  • Accelerate data preparation to allow you to get to analysis faster
  • Reduce risk of errors from manual currency conversions
  • Provide a more complete picture by decreasing likelihood of missed transfers

How it works: Valid8 uses a daily exchange rate from the European Central Bank to automatically convert each transaction to a base currency, so you can more easily compare accounts and identify international transfers in different currencies.

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Prepare Evidence in Hours, not Weeks

Now you only need a few hours to transform years of statements, checks, deposit slips and accounting system transactions into courtroom-ready evidence. 

Valid8 is a cloud-based Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform that helps you follow the money faster. It rapidly parses, reconciles, and categorizes data from numerous sources to eliminate sample risk and improve the speed and quality of rendering a professional opinion.


Compress Time to Opinion: Upload bank statements, check and deposit slip images, accounting system extracts, and transaction lists to Valid8 and get fully verified financial evidence within hours.


Deliver Higher Accuracy: Valid8’s VFI platform enables you to prepare evidence based on 100% of the financial data. Base your professional opinion on undisputed fact.


Increase Output Without Increasing Headcount: Tracing the complex flow of funds is time-consuming and expensive. Valid8’s VFI platform leverages powerful algorithms and AI to increase output and automatically turn large data sets into a visual narrative, making it easier to explain supporting evidence to prosecutors or other key stakeholders.

“We loaded Valid8 with the documents and it was incredible. Within minutes we understood what was happening and identified new accounts to subpoena.”

Bruce Flournoy

“The critical value that Valid8 delivers is that the rest of my staff doesn’t have to spend nights and weekends doing manual transcription and cleaning up data. They can stay focused on higher value activities.”

“I think that any attorney general office that uses Valid8 for a Medicaid fraud investigation, for example, would never go back because they would never tolerate the loss of efficiency and the loss of productivity, not to mention the loss of potentially more accurate results and faster results. It would be like going back to manual typewriters from desktop computers. It's impossible to conceive.”

Rob McKenna
Former Washington State Attorney General
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