Categorize Transactions in Seconds, Not Weeks

Automatically categorize all income and expenses.

Valid8’s Automated AI Categorization Feature

With a single click, now you can:

  • Accelerate data preparation to allow more time for analysis and strategy
  • Increase the value of the data by enriching it with critical location and counterparty labels
  • Accelerate the ability to visualize cash flow into and out of accounts

How to Use AI Categorization

Valid8 customers simply upload their banking transaction data from bank statements, check images, deposit slip images, and accounting systems, and the Valid8 platform does the rest.

AI Categorization classifies banking transactions by:

Transaction Type
Transaction Location
Main Category (eg, retail, travel)
Sub Category
Counterparty (eg, person, vendor, merchant)
Let us show you how you can trace the flow of funds and generate courtroom-ready evidence in hours instead of weeks:

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AI Categorization is our latest innovation available at no additional cost to subscribers as part of our ongoing commitment to leverage automation and the latest in AI technology in service of accounting, legal, and government professionals.