CASE Study

Accelerated Outcomes for a Self-Dealing Scandal

When one business partner suspects another of self-dealing and spending money out of the company account, things can get complicated fast.

As an impending trial date was quickly nearing, clients needed hard proof of the misappropriation of funds.

With only two weeks left until the trial, they brought in Morones Analytics, a unique team of highly skilled financial experts who know how to tell a powerful story with numbers.

The Morones team had just a few days to process, categorize, and analyze years of bank statements and check images reaching across ten different accounts between two separate entities.


With limited time and over 600 separate check images and 75 bank statements to analyze, the Morones Analytics team engaged Valid8.
Morones Analytics uploaded statements and checks into Valid8 and had fully verified and reconciled statement data within hours.
Checks were read and matched back to the bank statement evidence at hand to create a clear picture of the scale of money movement.
Money moving between accounts was identified within minutes using patented algorithms.
Having worked with Valid8 on this case, Morones Analytics was able to provide a clear picture of the self-dealing taking place in two days’ time, identifying thousands of misappropriated company dollars.


Check images: Check images were automatically reconciled against bank statement entries, enabling the team to process hundreds of check images.
Swift resolution: With such tight deadlines, a manual process would have required the Morones team to decline taking on this project. Using Valid8, enabled the team to scale with additional cases, without any additional headcount.
Transfer Identification: Patented matching algorithms identified transfers between accounts and entities to automate identification of undisclosed assets.

Customer Testimonials

“Due to as many documents as we had and the time constraints involved, we could not have taken it on without using Valid8.”

“There were a lot of transfers going to and from different accounts and Valid8 does a really good job of identifying those and parsing them out.”

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