CASE Study

Lifestyle Analysis for Divorce Cases — Fast and Accurate

With an eight-figure marital estate, eleven separate accounts dating back four years, and over 12,000 transactions to review, a lifestyle analysis for this high-net-worth divorce case was a daunting task. Compounding this range of data with a less than four-week turnaround time made analyzing this data manually an unfeasible ask.

The attorneys on the case turned to the Stout team to undertake the analysis. Using a data-driven approach, the team used the facts provided in the bank statements to gain an understanding of the standard of living established by the parties during the marriage. With the trial nearing and many team members out around the holidays, Stout turned to Valid8.


By utilizing Valid8, the Stout team had confidence they could deliver an accurate analysis and report and meet the deadlines presented.
Upon uploading statements and using custom categorization, the Stout team had a clear picture of the sources and uses of funds in a fraction of the time.
Money moving between accounts was identified within minutes using patented algorithms.
The team was able to juggle its many other cases, and complete this one, while juggling travel schedules during the holiday season.


Accurate Analysis: With quality control in place, the Stout team was confident the analysis they provided was accurate and reliable.
Deadlines Met: Court-ready data was produced by Valid8 within 24 hours and the court deadline was subsequently met.
Resource Efficiency: An estimated 3x more firm resources would have been required to complete the analysis without Valid8. More cases can now be handled with the existing team size.

Customer Testimonials

“Using Valid8 is like having three people working on a case instead of one.”

“We needed to work quickly and deliver something that was high quality, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without having Valid8 as a resource.”

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