CASE Study

Joint Venture Dispute

When one half of a joint venture believes they are not getting a fair split of the profits, the venture can quickly feel anything but joint. In this case, two parties collaborated to work on a government contract worth over 30 million dollars. Although one partner was promised complete joint venture accounting visibility by the other, none was provided. Based on an employee tip, they began to suspect the project managing partner of not splitting the profits equitably and engaged an attorney along with the team at Capstone Forensic Group.

With over three years of bank statements and associated checks that were only made available in a low resolution, the team needed to figure out exactly how money was flowing so they could help determine how the profits needed to be allocated.

When Capstone was brought on, they knew they needed to get to the bottom of how money was being spent. They utilized Valid8 to do so quickly and efficiently, identifying $2.5 million of additional profit of the JV that needed to be split between partners.


The Capstone team uploaded all of the low resolution bank statements and checks, getting results in a few days instead of months.
Utilizing the Date Gap feature was key in identifying which statements were missing from the ones the Capstone team were provided.
Categorization was made simple through Valid8, which was imperative in helping identify profit that was unreported and still owed to the client.


$2.5 million of additional profit of the JV identified that needed to be split between partners.
Over three years of bank statements and associated checks were quickly reconciled and missing statements identified.
Automated quality control ensured the analysis the Capstone team presented was accurate and reliable.
Automated results were available in a few days versus months of manual data entry.

Customer Testimonials

“If we had to type up these transactions and check data manually, it would’ve taken our team weeks if not months to get through this amount of data.”

“Something that is really awesome about Valid8 is the transfer matching. You can easily see credit card payments that were not made from the bank and then figure out that something else must have happened.”

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