CASE Study

Separate Property Tracing for Family Law Firms

Things happen fast in Silicon Valley. A client needed to identify assets and income levels in a family law divorce case, in less than two weeks.

Northern California is full of individuals with early-stage startup assets and other complex types of income and investments. There are often lengthy paper trails associated with these transactions and tracking assets is often a time-consuming and expensive process.

They called Thompson Accounting, specialists in family law and divorce matters, to undertake a separate property tracing analysis.

Assessing multiple accounts over many years is complex; adding brokerage accounts and other asset types makes a comprehensive analysis in two weeks nearly impossible.

Thompson Accounting reached out to Valid8. After an initial 15-minute consultation, the Thompson team had a plan and the confidence they could deliver a quality analysis and meet the aggressive deadline.


Thompson Accounting uploaded statements to Valid8.
All transfers between accounts were identified using patent-pending matching algorithms.
Thompson staff were able to focus on higher value engagements while still meeting the two-week deadline.


Several different accounts were accurately reconciled.
Thousands of transactions were identified within minutes.
Valid8 produced “Bomb-proof” court-ready data within 24 hours.
The court deadline was met while simultaneously preserving firm resources.
Estimated 2.5x more firm resources required to complete analysis without Valid8’s software.

Customer Testimonials

“We use Valid8 on every one of our complex cases and anytime tight deadlines are in play.”

“You can only charge so much for data prep work, I’d rather focus our resources on higher value-added activities.”

“The critical value that Valid8 delivers is that the rest of my staff doesn’t have to spend nights and weekends doing manual transcription and cleaning up data. They can stay focused on higher value activities.”

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