CASE Study

Complicated Asset Division Straightened Out Quickly

While house flipping can be a lucrative endeavor for couples, the subsequent breakdown of a relationship necessitates understanding finances and compensating for hours spent on materials and manual labor. When a renovation-minded duo filed for divorce in Washington State, tracking the finances to split up the assets equitably between partners loomed as a lengthy and convoluted process.

To help move the case along, attorneys brought in 4 Corners Financial Forensics. With sixteen accounts dating back six and a half years, the 4 Corners team needed to sort through more than 10,000 transactions to help parse out where spending was being put toward the couple’s house renovation projects.


Upon reviewing the number of transactions that needed to be analyzed, the 4 Corners team reached out to Valid8. They knew Valid8 would be able to drastically cut down the number of hours spent on data preparation and get their team right into the analysis.
Within hours, the bank statements were in a workable format, saving the 4 Corners team weeks of time spent on data preparation and input.
Using custom categorization, the 4 Corners team was able to review the high volume of transactions and quickly determine where funds were spent on the renovation projects.
Provided a report for mediation based on facts derived directly from the evidence and resulting in both parties receiving an equitable split of the finances.


Accelerated Analysis: After extracting more than 10,000 transactions in a matter of hours, the investments resulting in $2 million of proceeds were analyzed.
Deadlines Met: Court-ready data was produced by Valid8 within 24 hours and the mediation deadlines were subsequently met.
Quick Categorization: With categorizing being a necessary task in this case, the 4 Corners team used Valid8 to use custom fields and visualizations to quickly identify the sources and uses of funds.

Customer Testimonials

“This case would have taken me weeks or even longer of continuous work to input all the transactions before I could even begin to analyze the data. With Valid8, the data preparation is usually handled in less than a day, allowing me to put my energy and effort into the actual analysis, which is what I'm best at.”

“The challenge with this case was really parsing out what was and wasn't related to the renovation projects, and Valid8 really helped with that. It just makes it so easy for me to go in and categorize different items.”

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