Forensic accounting software for financial professionals

Thousands of CPAs, Attorneys, and financial professionals follow the money using Valid8’s Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) for fraud investigations, financial statement audits, mergers/acquisitions, corporate restructuring projects, and high net worth divorces.

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Valid8 will change the future of forensic accounting.
Eric Orse of Orse & Company
Eric Orse
Owner, Orse & Company
Every time I introduce anyone to Valid8 and show them what the software is capable of doing, they are shocked.
Matt Sutorius of Clark Nuber
Matt Sutorius
Partner & Auditor, Clark Nuber
We now look at audits at a higher level — we're no longer doing mundane tasks and just ‘checking things off the list.’
Cassie Binford of Clark Nuber
Cassie Binford
Audit Senior Manager, Clark Nuber

Resources for CPAs and Attorneys

“A process that typically takes one of our senior auditors 2-3 days took about an hour with Valid8.“
“Using Valid8 allows me to focus on high-value items for my clients, and not have to do as many of the mundane steps to get there.“

Data visualization

Visualize complex financial data sets to simplify storytelling. Assess status and next steps with a visual process-driven user experience.

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Identify transfers and matches
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Automate data QA and reconciliations
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Trace the flow of funds
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Simplify asset discovery
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Find fraudulent transfers
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Bank statements with Valid8Transactions and visualizations with Valid8

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