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NAFER 2023

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Grand Hyatt

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Sept. 7-9, 2023

For any matter where a legal or accounting professional has to "follow the money", Valid8 rapidly ingests evidence from dozens of types of documents and creates a standardized transaction database. Patented algorithms integrate data between multiple sources and visualizations simplify and amplify case narratives. In use by hundreds of legal and accounting firms, Valid8 has quickly become the world's leading platform for complex bankruptcies, fraud investigations, high net worth divorces, financial diligence, and financial statement audits.

Valid8 transforms evidence into intelligence

Starting with statements, documents, images, and transaction lists, Valid8 transforms accounting evidence into Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI). Full population verification procedures and data automation eliminate sample risk and manual tracing so CPAs and Attorneys can focus on higher value tasks to deliver superior professional opinions.

When collecting accounting evidence, up to 80% of engagement time is manual data work. See how Valid8 drastically reduces this number.

Enrich and verify transactions with patented algorithms

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Verify cash journal entries with banking activity.
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Identify transfers between accounts and legal entities.
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Trace revenue transactions through the subledger and out to banking activity.
Transaction matches with Valid8
Transactions and visualizations with Valid8

Identify hidden assets and fraudulent transfers

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Use Valid8’s patented algorithms to identify transfers of funds to undisclosed accounts.

Simplified storytelling with interactive visualizations

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Process map guides the user experience.
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Visual status to know exactly what state your data is in.
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Sankey flow visualization for transfers between accounts and entities.
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Single-click export of any transaction table to Microsoft Excel or to pre-defined, indexed PDF reports
Transactions and visualizations with Valid8